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Strategic Plans

The SGFG’s Strategic Plan of 2015 – 2017 seeks to provide an efficient and effective operational framework to the Corporation. Preparation for an effective reimbursement is always the priority of the Corporation.

In fulfillment of its mandate, the strategic plan presents an outline of the Corporation’s strategic objectives, focusing in implementing suitable organizational pillars.

The strategic plan was prepared using a realistic approach based on three main elements:

  • External and internal environmental factors,
  • the assumptions to be used for the strategic plan period,
  • the budget needed to achieve the objectives

The strategic plan identifying four flowing strategic objectives:

  • Provide the SGFG with the organizational and operational capacity needed to fulfill its mission.
  • Ensure optimal management of the financial resources of the Funds.
  • Contribute to the public confidence in the banking system.
  • Work for the continuous adaptation of the deposit insurance scheme to international best practices.

After the achievement of its key objectives relating to its first strategic plan 2015-2017, the SGFG devoted the year 2018 to strengthen its accomplishments and started working on the preparation of its second strategic plan 2019-2021 through an inclusive approach relying on the following five steps:

  • analysis of SGFG's external environment,
  • assessment of its activities in line with its mandate,
  • search for a suitable model for SGFG,
  • determination of a long-term strategic vision,
  • definition of the SGFG’s aspirations and objectives.

The second strategic plan aims to enable SGFG with the appropriate tools to accomplish its mandate. During this second strategic plan, the SGFG will achieve the following strategic objectives:

  • to build the needed capacity to ensure the reimbursement of the depositors within the required period in line with the best international practices,
  • to make sure that all FCGD’s interventions are carried out in compliance with the international standards,
  • to sustain sound governance practices, 
  • to develop expertise in deposit insurance field and reinforce the relationships with the key stakeholders,
  • to set up a communication strategy to cover both internal and external scopes.